Back DPM Demeke welcomes renowned Ethiopian activist Tamagn Beyene

(Qeerroo Tube; September 1, 2018) – Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen received in his office later today the renowned Ethiopian artist and human rights activist Tamagn Beyene, who arrived in Addis Ababa this morning after two decades of life in exile.


Tamagn said following his meeting with Demeke that he is very excited to be back. “I am too much thrilled to be back to my country after 22 years,” he said.

Tamagn hailed all Ethiopians who, regardless of their religion and political stand, have sacrificed themselves to bring change to the country.

“Many have sacrificed their lives, many have suffered to realize this day. I would like to appreciate those who brought the change,” he pointed out.

The Activist said that Ethiopians have got an opportunity that would enable them to build their country, referring the sweeping changes that the nation has been through.

“The [road] to change has opened. It needs an owner; the owners are all the people,” he said noting that the reform belongs to all Ethiopians.

“The contribution of all people is highly needed to change the political scenario that we have been living in for long and create a country where we can express our opinions freely and [parties] take power through competition,” Tamagn said.

“Now the door is open for each and every one of us so should be back and be part of the change and contribute our share to make our country free from revenge and hatred and make it a proper place for our children,” he added.

During his visit to the U.S. in July to discuss with the Ethiopian Diaspora, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had called on all Ethiopians in the Diaspora to support the reform.

Source: ENA

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